Looking for a pet-friendly property?

Credit: Seniors Housing Online
Looking for a pet-friendly property?
Written by: Ron Reed

Our surveys show 61% of website visitors are searching for a pet-friendly retirement property. 

You can easily locate these properties by ticking the "pets allowed" search option. Start searching by area on the front page, then refine the search results by selecting the "pets allowed" option on the left hand side of the search results page (under the heading "Property Features").

Or just click on this quick link which will take you to all the pet friendly properties on the website:


A survey of 1,000 visitors to the Seniors Housing Online website showed 38.4% considered "pets allowed" to be an essential criteria when searching for retirement property; a further 22.7% said it was desirable; while only 39% said it was not a factor in their search.  This suggests that around 61% of website visitors want pet friendly properties!

Accommodating an ageing but much loved family pet is often a major practical consideration when downsizing. And even if you don't currently have a pet you may still want the option of being able to get one later on.  There are many studies reinforcing how pets offer companionship and contribute towards a healthier and more social lifestyle for their owners.

Retirement property operators have become more aware of the demand for pet-friendly accommodation in recent years, and there is now much more available.  While we always remind them to tick the "pets allowed" box if applicable to make sure they come up in the pet friendly searches, we can't be sure all pet friendly properties actually do this...so it's always worth contacting the village or property owner and asking them directly about their pets policy if you see a property you are interested in but it's not listed as "Pets Allowed".

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